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T18 Wella Toner Reviews 

T18 Wella Toner Reviews

my go to toner

best toner everrrrr!! for a perfect platinum blonde from a blondie myself of 2 years with lots of trials and ugly blondes here’s the perfect formula dolls. equal parts of t18 and t14 with 3 caps full of purple enhancer 050 YOUR HAIR WILL COME OUT LIKE ELSA I promise you. You’re welcome babes – mummyof2

New favorite

As a first time Wella user, this toner is magical! I’m a guy with medium brown hair, short on the sides but longer on top. I bleached my whole head with wella brand lightening powder and 20 volume developer, in the past I’ve used L’oréal bleach and was definitely happier with the coverage and lift from Wella. 2 rounds of bleach achieved a very palblond at my roots and the sides of my hair, but still had significant yellow brassy color on top where my hair is longer. I almost just cut my hair off to get rid of the yellow parts, but decided to apply a round of toner first. I used the T10 toner and more 20 volume developer, left on for 30 minutes and wow! My hair has zero yellow, zero brassiness, and is a very even toned dusty platinum blond. It evened out the color which was so much lighter at the roots and shorter parts of my hair, and gave me even color all over. Couldn’t be happier with this toner and with Wella in general. Will definitely use again in future – Clark

T18 toner is great! You have to use it on very light hair!

I got the T18 per many recommendations and it was excellent! My natural hair is a very dark brown that I dye blonde. I bleached my roots and used this toner and it looks almost white blonde. I love it! You have to have hair lightened enough that it is YELLOW, not orange. I think it will exaggerate orange tones, but removes yellow tones – Emily

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T18 Wella Toner Reviews

T18 Wella Toner Reviews 
T18 Wella Toner Reviews 

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