Why Did Wella T18 Turn Purple?

You’ve purchased your hair and youre so excited. Your hair is going icy white baby! You’ve followed the instructions, kept the toner on for the right time (or maybe a minute or two later!), washed it out and gosh, it’s grey. Like old hair grey. Nooo. Not what you wanted. Why did Wella T18 turn purple? it could be many reasons including, yur hair may be porous after the lighteneing process or you left the toner on for too long.

Courtesy: Beautylish

How do I get the purple out?

We would suggest using clarifying shampoo. The clarifying shampoo would strip the hair of the purple tinge. We recommend Olaplex No.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo.

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Why Did Wella T18 Turn Purple?

Why Did Wella T18 Turn Purple?
Why Did Wella T18 Turn Purple?
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