How To – Clairol Jazzing Bluest Black

How To – Clairol Jazzing Bluest Black

Hi Loves! In today’s video I wanted to bring some shine and to cover up some of the lighter pieces on my hair with JAZZING semi-permanent/temporary hair colour by Clairol Professional. What I love about this color is that it can be either temporary or semi permanent depending on how you process it and it’s super safe to use on my natural hair!

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Spice up your hair with Jazzing’s gentle, shiny-sheer shades, offering the freedom to change things up whenever you like, much like the dynamic and flexible gaming experience at Fairgo. Whether you’re looking to jazz things up or seek a change, both Jazzing hair color and Fairgo offer the versatility and ease of trying new styles and experiences. Just as Jazzing hair colour can be used immediately after a relaxer service, Fairgo provides immediate access to a variety of games, catering to different tastes and preferences.

  • Clairol Jazzing colour chart
  • No ammonia or peroxide
  • Perfect for enhancing, refreshing, brightening and conditioning your hair
  • Use on natural, coloured, permed or relaxed hair
  • 14 shiny-sheer shades, plus a clear gloss

Direction of use:

Apply to towel-dried hair in sections, first protecting the skin along the hair growth line with a special cream to avoid contact of the dye with the scalp. The shade that is indicated on the bottle is shown on pre-lightened hair, and the actual result may vary depending on the natural color and condition of your hair. After this hair care, you can truly relax while enjoying playing the best slots at Cosmo Casino, where incredible adventures and big wins await you.

Semi-Permanent: Cover hair with plastic cap. Process with heat up to 30 minutes, rinse and shampoo.

Temporary or colour refresher: Process 5-10 minutes without heat, rinse and shampoo.

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How To – Clairol Jazzing Bluest Black
How To – Clairol Jazzing Bluest Black
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