Strawberry Blonde hair

15 Beautiful Strawberry Hair Colours and Ideas

15 Beautiful Strawberry Hair Colours and Ideas

Summer 2022 Hair Trends: Strawberry highlights Edition

Strawberry hair. Wow so much to uncover. So many people ask, what group does it belong to? Strawberry blonde hair dye belongs to the red hair group. It’s the lightest shade of red hair.  A blonde often overlooked because its not the average yelow looking blonde that we know. Red, the  lightest red blonde, is a hybrid of light red shades and warm blonde hues. Shades of strawberry blonde range from light, medium, and dark red. This red-blonde hue typically looks best on fair skin and light eyes but can be adjusted to suit every skin tone in its various shades.  Sometimes mistaken for ginger hair (they’re not), strawberry hair is a few levels lighter in the same hue. Pale ginger would be the perfect word to describe it.

One tone strawberry blonde

This is the global one tone strawberry blonde; a solid one tone all over colour, mostly found on people born with this unique hue and a safe startin point for strawberry blondes

How to achieve this look

Strawberry blonde with hightlights

The only way to make highlights pop with strawberry blonde hair is to go light with lightest blonde highlights (not necessarily peach highlights). Unlike most blondes or coppers, strawberry blonde is much easier to maintain. It requires no toning or no need to regularly pump up the intensity.

How to achieve this look

  • To achieve this look, lighten hair on your already coloured strawberry hair using a lightener to a yellow/ pale yellow colour and then apply a toner.

Dark Strawberry Blonde

Opt for a darker shade of this blonde by adding warmer tones, browns and naturals to suit darker skin tones or during autumn/winter.

Light Strawberry Blonde

Its giving peach, rose gold which is a great summer option and a beautiful colour. Light Strawberry Blonde hair is a great temporary (or permanent if you would want) hair colour to try.

Strawberry Blonde Red Hair

Take things up a notch with an extra kick of red in your formula to make that red look much warmer.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

How to achieve this look

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair Colour

How to achieve this look

Here are a few toners to use on blonde hair to achieve strawberry blonde locks

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15 Beautiful Strawberry Hair Colours and Ideas

15 Beautiful Strawberry Hair Colours and Ideas
15 Beautiful Strawberry Hair Colours and Ideas
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