Platinum hair colour maintenance tip

7 Platinum Hair Colour Maintenance Tips

7 Platinum Hair Colour Maintenance Tips

Platinum is one of those colours that when done well and taken care of , it’ll be a style you’ll keep running back to. It makes a bold statement all by itself and goes well with practically evertything. But, and thats a big but, platinum has the highest manteanance of all colours. Aside from that, it’s one of the most striking and instantly glamorous colors around – and people remember a platinum blonde. To ensure it remains bright, luscious and beautiful, youve got to have a routine, yes you heard me right, a routine for your hair. Here are 6 tips on how to keep your platinum looking beautiful for longer.

Regular lightening trips to the salon

Once you go platinum, lightener becomes your best friend and trips to the salon are a must. No more trips every six mo ths, your roots will need to be touched up every four to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Bleaching is a commitment—to deep conditioning, to touch-up appointments, and to longer styling time. But the rewards? Well, we’ll let the pictures speak to that

Purple shampoo

Keep your platinum ash hue for longer by using a purple shampoo and conditioner set at least once a week. We recommend the Olaplex No. 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo and the Neal & Wolf BLONDE Lighten & Brighten Purple Shampoo & Conditioner. Remember to keep the purple shampoo no longer thn 3 minutes to avoid that purple tinge. TOP TIP: Excessive use of purple shampoo leaves the hair feeling very dry. Consider alternating with a hydrating color saving shampoo also.


A treatment a weeks keeps your platinum going. We stand by this. If you have lifted your hair using bleach, The Olaplex system is one like no other and great insurance to keep your hair feeling great after all that processing. The Olaplex No.0 Bond Builder and Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector are a great combo to start off with. Platinum strands benefit from it’s bond building the most due to all the lifting and processing.


In addition to a weekly treatment session, finish off your routinwe with a serum We recommend keeping your locks moisturised frequently using the Olaplex No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum. Their first-ever leave-in hair serum seeks to protect and balance your tresses.


When styling platinum the two words is protect and low. Protect the strands before any heat comes in contact with it and when heat does come in incontact with platinum hair, ensure its on a lower setting than normal. This will prolong your colour. We recommend using the Neal & Wolf Guard Heat Protection.

Stay out of the sun

I know. It sounds so contradictory. Get your hair done for summer and cover it up once youre out but hear me out. Like our skin, our hair needs to be protected from harmful UV sun rays as they dry out your hair. Remember to take out a hat and use some hair SPF to keep your platinum locks protected.

platinum lavender hair colour

Platinum hair colour

And thats it! Our top 7 tips on mainatain your platinum hair colour. Let us know how these tips go. Send us pictures and comments so we see how you get on. Enjoy!

7 Platinum Hair Colour Maintenance Tips

7 Platinum Hair Colour Maintenance Tips
7 Platinum Hair Colour Maintenance Tips
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