Perfect Silver Hair With Wella O50

Perfect Silver Hair With Wella O50

Perfect silver hair with Wella O50. Your hair has to be white, pale yellow at the Max. No Orange, Dark blond or brown. You mix the full bottle of T 18(violet base) or T14 (blue and violet base, only use this if you have tiny spots of orange. violet kills yellow, blue kills orange) and three capfuls of 050 violet ADDITIVE into one bowel with developer of your choice, (most use 10 or 20vol, i chose 30 because of my hair situation. you don’t need 30vol if your hair is white), mix together. Apply for about 20 minutes. It depends on the prosody of your hair. Keep doing strand test and once you think you reach the level of grey u want, rinse it out. DO NOT use the whole bottle of 050!!! This is an ADDITIVE ONLY!!! Its VERY strong and could turn your hair near black if you use all of it and you wont get back to blond without breaking off your hair. You have been warned lol.

To everyone asking about the rest of the video, I don’t make videos. I don’t know what happened. The rest of it is just me telling you that you mix it all in the same bowl and then recapping. I see a lot of criticism from people saying that I’m fucked up or being redundant. Please understand, I don’t make videos! I do not do this stuff, I just uploaded it to help people. Your criticism is noted. I see a lot of people are still confused, it’s very hard to get to every single comment. A lot of people are asking about the 050 and using a whole bottle or half of the bottle. I left a comment somewhere earlier and I’m just going to post below and it explains what happens if you use the whole bottle or try to put diluted black on your hair to make it grey (so dumb. Plz don’t.) and the consequences that come from dying your hair too dark by mistake, or over bleaching. I also explained that just because when you rinse out your bleach, and your hair is still on your head, that does not mean you’re not going to lose all of your hair over a few weeks like I did. (This happened a few months after this video when I made a boo-boo dying my hair dark again then panicked and tried to bleach it back without using my hairdresser brain) please please please treat your hair with Olaplex or something with a pH bond rebuilder after you bleach your hair if you love your hair and it is your security blanket like it was to me. After all my hair broke off I have been insecure ever since and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else! Please please please be careful with your hair and if you are scared of losing your hair, don’t try to do this stuff yourself. Consult a professional please.

Comment from earlier: girls! Don’t use the full bottle of 050! It is called an additive because it is not meant to be used as a direct full colour. You were only supposed to use a few drops. 050 doesn’t really work on its own because it’s not designed to. It will tone your hair in a very strange way. It will look spotty and probably Blue, green, purple and grey! I accidentally left a drop of 050 on my bathtub and the next day when I went back into the bathroom, that spot was such a dark purple, it was almost black! Do not use the entire bottle with a toner! You may end up accidentally dying your hair close to black and if that happens, you will probably have zero chance of getting it back to blonde without it all breaking off. Trust me, after this video, my husband said he liked my dark hair so I put a dark colour on, regretted it and didn’t use my hairdresser brain because I was panicking and I used 20 volume and bleach and my hair all broke off! And not right away! That’s the scariest part! You could bleach your hair and think that because your hair is still on your head, it’s fine! This usually is not the case. My hair broke off 12 inches over six weeks just from brushing it and running my hands through it. Your hair is a very complicated thing. If it’s your security blanket, which is what my hair is to me, go to a professional just to be safe! I have not taken my hair out of the ponytail style for two years because of my mistake. I would hate to see anyone else go through that. so far, it has taken 2 1/2 years for my hair to grow 1 inch I damaged it that bad. Just a few drops! Good luck girls! 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂 xxooxx

About Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Haircolour

Take control after lightening and bid brassy goodbye. Achieve just the right shade to suit your look. Wella colorcharm Toners come in liquid form for quick and easy bottle applications. A complete range that includes 8 toners in 3 families: Ash, Beige and Silver. Liquid toners to be used with colorcharm 20 Volume Cream Developer.

Use permanent liquid toners for:

  • Correcting or neutralizing unwanted warmth on both naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair
  • Creating delicate shades of blonde – like platinum and beige
  • The finishing step to enhance or neutralize warm or cool tones for the perfect shade of blonde

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Perfect Silver Hair With Wella O50
Perfect Silver Hair With Wella O50
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