Will Wella T18 Work On Orange Hair?

One of the most asked questions is “Will Wella T18 work on orange hair?” The simple answer is no and here’s why. The Wella ColorCharm range has been designed to work only on yellow to pale yellow hair. The Wella Color Charm shade chart below shows how light hair should be coloured.

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       Wella Colorcharm Toner Shade Chart

Wella suggests prelightening hair to achieve the same results shown in the chart. Some shades to a gold and others to yellow. For T18, pale yellow is suggested. Not sure what pale yellow looks like? The picture  below is a perfect pale yellow


Courtesy: Wella Blog

Toning your orange hair

If your hair looks like the below shade of orange and you want to just tone your hair, we would suggest using a neutral shade such as 6N to neutralise the orange and and give you a clean neutral looking tone. If you are looking to go lighter, the only way is using a lightener or high lift colour. Always use 20 volume. It may take a little longer but your hair will thank you for this.

Courtesy: Kai_Sohn

We always recommend using a bond protector such as Olaplex as insurance during thr lightening process to make sure your hair isnt fried. Drop the 40 volume, I repeat drop the 40 volume; you do not need it when lightening. Once lightened. Follow the Wella Colorcharm shade chart for the excat shade you want so if you want pale blonde hair, lighten your hair to a light pale yellow and apply T10 Pale Blonde with 20 volume or 10 volume for more deposit. The 20 volume gives you the extra lift. Please send us pictures or your hair transformations and let us know if this article helped

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Will Wella T18 Work On Orange Hair?
Will Wella T18 Work On Orange Hair?
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