Dyeing for Wella Color Tango 8RG Light Copper!

Dyeing for Wella ColorTango 8RG Light Copper!

Products mentioned

  1. 8RG Light Copper

Other Wella ColorTango Products

  1. 2P Jet Black
  2. 1C Slate
  3. 6C Almond
  4. 8C Smokey Blonde
  5. 10C Icy Blonde
  6. GG Citrine 
  7. 5B Mocha
  8. 7B Bourbon
  9. 9B Honey Blonde
  10. 4BB Dark Chocolate Brown
  11. 6BB Toasted Hazelnut
  12. 6RR Pomegranate
  13. 7RR Cherry
  14. 7RG Copper
  15. 4R Medium Auburn
  16. 6R Auburn
  17. 8R Light Ginger
  18. 8RG Light Copper
  19. 4NB Chocolate Brown
  20. 5NB Coffee Bean
  21. 6NB Souffle
  22. 4NN Espresso Brown
  23. 6RN Merlot
  24. 1NN Black Licorice
  25. 5NN Chestnut Brown
  26. 6NN Toffee
  27. 7NN Roasted Pecan
  28. 8NN Cappuccino
  29. 3V Deep Plum
  30. RV Ruby
  31. 5RV Burgundy
  32. 4VR Mahogany
  33. ColorTango Developer 16 oz


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Dyeing for Wella ColorTango 8RG Light Copper!
Dyeing for Wella ColorTango 8RG Light Copper!

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